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Since October 7th 2012 Government Resolution took effect, which declared that registration certificates and duplicates of legal entities, their branches and representatives, foreign legal entities and other organizations, branches and representatives became invalid. This change of Legal Entities Register provisions determine that certificates of legal entities became invalid, i.e. these entities will not be able to provide them to the authorities, notaries, business partners or other persons, in order to confirm the legal entities, branch or representatives registration or data of registration.


This Resolution of Government is the natural continuation of previous changes of Legal Entities Register provisions according to which paper certificates are no longer issued while registering new legal entity, branch or representative office.


Since January 1st 2011 Registrar after registering the legal entity, branch or agency or modifying data, forms and signs with a qualified electronic signature actual electronic certificate from the register. Legal person is being provided with the access (access key) to an electronic certified extract of registry. Electronic certified extract of registry will be issued free of charge after registration of the legal entity. By the claim of Legal entity an electronic certified extract from the register will also be provided free of charge, in the cases prescribed by law when annual financial statements, as well as the annual consolidated financial statements will be submitted to the registrar and other data, documents and information will not be changed.


Data and information about the legal entity in the registrar’s website can be checked free of charge by any interested person who have been given the opportunity from the access holder to use the access key.


Thus, the electronic certified extract replaced paper certificates of legal entities. Electronic certified extract is an official document that has the same legal effect as a written document, and third parties, after getting the access key from the legal entity cannot require a printed extract of the register. Electronic certified extracts can also be obtained by the previously registered companies and organizations.


Information source: Ministry of Justice.


Applications by the measure "Process LT" are again beeing accepted at the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) from 8 of June.  This measure will support activities related with modern management techniques and management systems, with the exception of personnel management systems in enterprises.


"Businesses will be able to improve their activities, to expand business opportunities by installing control systems and modern management methods," – states Senior Project Manager of LBSA Business Projects Management Division Linas Zukauskas, who will be supervising the evaluation of this measure.


Applications can be submitted by the private legal entities or foreign branches, operating at least one year, with  not less than 500 000 Lt annual revenue. The total amount of the call is 7 million Lt. Companies can expect up to 300 000 Lt of European Union structural funds.


Applications can be submitted until 5:00 p.m. of the 22 of August 2012. If applications will be sent by registered post, they must be delivered to the postal service provider not later than 12:00 p.m. of the 22 of August 2012.


Source: LBSA

The funds for the measure "Intellect LT+" have been doubled

Ministry of Economy of Republic of Lithuania doubled – from 60.66 million Lt to 121.17 million Lt – the EU structural  funds for the third call by the measure "Intellect LT +".


Application deadline has not changed, they are accepted until May 31.


Applicants requested funding amount exceeded the maximum budget assigned for this measure. The average requested funding amount of the third call – 2.1 million Lt. Minister of Economy  Rimantas Zylius stated that the interest in this instrument and the pursuit to increase the economic growth led to double the amount of funding that more companies were able to invest in scientific research and technological development.


LBSA Director Diana Vilyte also welcomes the increased amount of support and expects clear cooperation between science and business, innovative and meaningful projects.


Currently there are 32 applications registered, which claime for 67.3 million Lt of EU Structural Funds. According to LBSA already submitted projects, Lithuanian companies are planning to create or renovate the facilities of scientific and technological development in laser technologies, bakery and confectionery industry equipment, microbiological sewage and water treatment, information systems for the management of public sector, orthopedic appliances and other fields.


Source: LBSA


Lithuanian Business Support Agency (thereinafter – LBSA) announces the termination of the measures’ "E-Business LT" third call projects selection. 15,3 million Lt of 2007-2013 European Union structural funds have been committed for this call.


Funds of this measure will be provided to activities related to corporate investments in capital assets required for implementation of e-business projecst in the companies. E-business projects can be implemented only in those companies which carry out production and (or) services.


195 applications for 23 million Lt have been recieved during this call. 135 projects have been selected, total amount of support requested, after the valuation,  is 11 million Lt.


Source: LBSA


Public Institution Lithuanian Business Support Agency (thereinafter – LBSA) informs that third call of applications collection under the measure "New opportunities" have been completed. According to preliminary data, 237 applications have been submitted, total amount of funding requested – 27,1 million Lt. 50 million Lt have been committed for this call.


Companies submitted their applications: food manufacturers, print-shops, alcoholic beverages manufacturers, art pottery company, electronic devices, automotive equipment manufacturers and others. Measure "New Opportunities" aims – to encourage companies to  seek actively for foreign partners and to increase sales in foreign markets.


Activities financed by the measure "New Opportunities": representation of company and its products abroad in the ongoing international exhibitions, contact fairs, business missions (in case of creative industries, in the additional exhibits, festivals, fashion shows), including preparing of marketing materials required for representation; certification of products planned to export.

Source: LBSA


Minister of Agriculture approved an application schedule for the year 2012  by the Lithuanian Rural development programme 2007-2013.

  • applications under the instrument "Diversification to non-agricultural activity" may be submitted from 02.04.2012 until 31.05.2012;
  • applications under the instrument “Agricultural products processing and increasing the surplus value" may be submitted from 02.04.2012 until 30.04.2012;
  • applications under the instrument “Promotion of rural tourism" may be submitted from 02.04.2012 until 31.05.2012;
  • applications under the instrument "Settlement of Young Farmers” may be submitted from 01.06.2012 until 31.07.2012;
  • applications under the instrument’s "Modernization of agricultural holdings” third area (planting of the short-rotation plantation) may be submitted from 02.07.2012 until 31.08.2012.

Support for Agriculture

The rules of support for Young Farmers are changing

This year, support for young farmers will be provided to establish stock farms in less favorable farming areas. Such new Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 measures’ "Establishment of Young Farmers" implementing rules have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The Rules provide that the applicant, establishing a stock farm, will have to manage ownership at least 8 hectares of agricultural land area. Recievers of support in the period of project monitoring  will have to increase the number of concerted livestock: at the end of controlling period, the number of concerted livestock per 1 hectare of agricultural land will have to be not less than 0.5.


Rules approved new priority criterias for the projects:

  • the property is taken over under the measure "Early retirement from agricultural production";
  • the number of concerted livestock per 1 hectare, for which the support is awarded, was considered major at the 1st January 2012;
  • applicant has agricultural or veterinary professional, non-university or university education;
  • applicant has been on a trip abroad and declared his departure to the Immigration Office for at least 6 months within the last 3 years to the application filling date;
  • the farm is established only in the ownership land.


Ministry of Agriculture informs that 97 per cent of funds are already paid for the measure "Establishment of Young Farmers", 6.4 million Lt left to implement. "Establishment of Young Farmers" was the most popular measure of the Rural development programme: 2 357 applications have been collected till the Fabruary of 2012, 2 164 applicants have already signed contracts. During the period of 2007-2013, young farmers received about 300 million Lt of support.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture