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State Tax Inspectorate (STI) approved the rules of data management and submission of Value Added Tax invoices registry and i.SAF data files description. Payers of value added taxes must enter VAT invoice data into i.SAF subsystem and submit received / issued registers of VAT invoices to the STI from October 1, 2016.


VAT invoices data registers must be provided for STI by taxable persons who are registered as VAT payers in Lithuania. Registers must be managed in their systems also by those who are not VAT payers but receive VAT invoices. Issued VAT invoices must be registered by the taxable person – seller. Issued VAT invoices must be recorded in accordance with the invoice date. Incoming VAT invoices are registered by taxable person – buyer. Incoming VAT invoices are recorded according to their date of receipt.

Register data for tax period must be submitted to the STI until the 20th of the next month, if the VAT taxable person submits VAT declarations monthly.


Data of registers must be submitted for STI electronically:


  1. Submission of the formed XML document to the i.SAF;
  2. Entering information directly into the i.SAF system;
  3. Issuing VAT invoices directly from the i.SAF system;
  4. Using the web service.


Company Octavus will provide customers’ received and issued VAT invoice register data in the XML format which was specified by the STI.


Information source: STI