/ Establishment of legal entities

We can establish a variety legal forms of companies.


Establishment of new various legal forms companies:

  • reservation of temporary name in the register of legal entities (JAR);
  • preparation of establishment documents (establishment contract, statutes/regulations);
  • filling  in JAR forms ;
  • documents’ submission for the notarial confirmation;
  • registration in the JAR.


Establishment of Company including production of stamp will cost 290 EUR and will enable You to perform all the procedures of company’s establishment quickly and easily.


Sale of company. Newly registered and ready for activity company on sale  at a cost of 350 EUR.


Documents and information:

  • name, surname, identity number and address of founder(s). If  founder is legal person – the company name, number, billing address, the statutes, the leader’s name, identity number, address, name;
  • future company leader’s name, surname,  identity number and address;
  • legal entities registration address and  the owner of accommodation. If the accommodation are pledged –  bank agreement;
  • what would be company’s activities;
  • prospective governing bodies;
  • size of authorized capital of joint-stock company, the nominal value of shares; how the shares will be managed (parts);
  • public institutions – the size of parts; which parts will  belong to the founders;
  • bank, in which You would like to have company’s account.


We understand the value of Your time, so we can represent You in the register of legal entities,  notary’s office, bank and all other bodies, enterprises, companies and organizations, doing works as  quick as possible.