/ Liquidation of legal entity

  • we prepare documents for acquiring the status of company’s liquidation;

  • we handle an abandoned accounting, provide declarations and missing reports to STI, Sodra, Centre of Registers; 

  • we help to carry out actions and to prepare the necessary documents for liquidation of the company: to lay off workers, to settle with its creditors, to check out from the list of VAT payers, to deregister company’s branches, to deregister or liquidate company’s assets, to close bank accounts; 

  • we organize the preparing of documents and transferring them  to archiving;

  • we prepare documents necessary for company’s withdrawal from the Register Centre.


We understand the value of Your time, thus we can represent You in the register of legal entities,  notary’s office, bank and all other bodies, enterprises, companies and organizations, doing works as  quick as possible.