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Since October 7th 2012 Government Resolution took effect, which declared that registration certificates and duplicates of legal entities, their branches and representatives, foreign legal entities and other organizations, branches and representatives became invalid. This change of Legal Entities Register provisions determine that certificates of legal entities became invalid, i.e. these entities will not be able to provide them to the authorities, notaries, business partners or other persons, in order to confirm the legal entities, branch or representatives registration or data of registration.


This Resolution of Government is the natural continuation of previous changes of Legal Entities Register provisions according to which paper certificates are no longer issued while registering new legal entity, branch or representative office.


Since January 1st 2011 Registrar after registering the legal entity, branch or agency or modifying data, forms and signs with a qualified electronic signature actual electronic certificate from the register. Legal person is being provided with the access (access key) to an electronic certified extract of registry. Electronic certified extract of registry will be issued free of charge after registration of the legal entity. By the claim of Legal entity an electronic certified extract from the register will also be provided free of charge, in the cases prescribed by law when annual financial statements, as well as the annual consolidated financial statements will be submitted to the registrar and other data, documents and information will not be changed.


Data and information about the legal entity in the registrar’s website can be checked free of charge by any interested person who have been given the opportunity from the access holder to use the access key.


Thus, the electronic certified extract replaced paper certificates of legal entities. Electronic certified extract is an official document that has the same legal effect as a written document, and third parties, after getting the access key from the legal entity cannot require a printed extract of the register. Electronic certified extracts can also be obtained by the previously registered companies and organizations.


Information source: Ministry of Justice.